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How do I change lab & album size?

First Step: 

When changing your design to a different lab or album option, we recommend creating a duplicate of your original design. This will allow you to retain a copy of your original design for reference. To duplicate your album, click on the Album Builder icon at the top of your software, then click the double square icon next to your album subproject. 

Second Step:

You can then click on the pencil icon in the upper left to change lab and album settings. ​


Third Step:

While your layouts will not be drastically changed, we do recommend toggling on the guide and going through each spread thoroughly to ensure the layout is correct and still within the safe zone. This may require small changes, depending on what the cut/safe lines are set to for your new album.


Run into any issues?

Submit a ticket to support and we'll be happy to assist you there.


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