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Spread Toolbar



  1. Loupe tool: A full resolution zoomed preview of your spread. You can see more about that in this article. 

  2. Flip tool: Flip the page horizontally, allowing you to swap page designs. This can also be accomplished by using the space bar.

  3. Text box: Add text to your design spreads. It will pull the font options based on what you have downloaded to your computer.

  4. Color Block: Add a color block to your spread to be used as desired. This can be sized in pixels or inches and has the option of rounding the corners.

  5. Background Color: Change the background color to a color of your choice.

  6. Pin Design: Add this design to your saved layouts. You can see these saved designs by selecting Layouts (8) then selecting My Designs at the top.

  7. Guide toggle: Change the gridlines or turn them off by toggling through this button. This can also be accomplished by using the G key. To change the size of the grid lines go to View > Setup Grid Lines.

  8. Layouts: All the layouts you have available for use. There are various options at the top that categorize your layouts. 
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