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How to Organize Album Revisions

In this article, we'll go over best practices for using our new Proofer to manage your album revisions in an easy to see format. When your client has commented on your album, you'll get the below email. To see what your client will experience on the Proofer site, please see this article. 

Comments Email

To see just the design, you can select the link to your proof. To view the comments made, open the fsd file named at the bottom.  Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_11.03.58_AM.png

Duplicate the Album

First, you'll want to duplicate your last uploaded album to create the revisions. This is a very important step. If you do not duplicate your album, the comments for all revisions will be in a single subproject which will be much harder to keep track of.

When you click on the Album Builder icon, there will be a list of Sub-Projects. To duplicate an Album Builder project, click on the two squares to the right of the project name. Once confirming to duplicate, there will be an exact copy of the original album with "- Copy" at the end of the album name.

Once the album has been copied, select the copy and go into the album settings menu. Find this by clicking on the pencil next to the current size in the top left. You can change the name in the bottom right to easily keep track of which album belongs to each revision.

Click here for a more in depth walkthrough of duplicating and renaming an album.

View Comments

Open the copy of your original album design and double click on a spread. To toggle comments on and off, select the Show Comments button on the top next to the spread navigation arrows. Then a comment box will populate on the right. You'll be able to choose the subproject you would like to view comments for, and it will list the page numbers the comment was made on. Navigate to those pages.



To view where this comment was made, simply hover over it. This is a jpg image of the subproject spread when it was uploaded to the proofer. 


Make Revisions

Now that you are on the copy of your last uploaded album subproject and have the comments toggled on, it is time to make those revisions! In the example above, the client asked to make one of the photos on the spread larger. This can be done by swapping with a larger photo, adjusting the photo in the Drop Zone by dragging the photo edges until it is larger or choosing the Layouts option above the spread and finding a layout with a better option. 


Create New Proof

After revisions are complete, use your export menu to create a new Proof to send to your client. You can see an in depth walkthrough of the proofer upload here


Further Revisions

For further revisions, you will repeat these steps until both you and your client are satisfied. We recommend making the album subproject names "Name - Revision 1", "Name - Revision 2", etc. This will make it much easier to know which project to choose from the drop down menu when editing. 



As always, we on the support team are happy to help! Please submit a ticket here with any questions. 


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