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Troubleshooting Common Issues (New Proofer Module)

This article will cover a few common scenarios and applicable troubleshooting steps. The issues covered in this article are:

Emails not Sending

If emails are not sending to clients, the first step is to go to the Emails and Custom Text step for that Proof and ensure the client's email address is correct. If it is, look under the Announcement email body and make sure the Send Announcement Email box is toggled on. If both of the above steps were correct, please make sure you have a message typed out in the subject and body of each of the emails you would like to send. 


1. Check that the client email is correct

2. Make sure the box for the email is checked

3. Ensure the subject and body of the email is filled out

Incorrect Designs Shown

If you see designs on the splash page or to Proof that you would not like to show your client, go back into that Proof and ensure that the correct designs were selected on the splash page (1) and look at the Designs to Proof step to see which products were chosen to be uploaded (2). 



If incorrect options were chosen, you can overwrite this proof or create a new one.

Stuck in Proofer Module

If the project is stuck in the Proofer Module after creating a proof, we recommend going to Help > Check for Updates if you are able to ensure you are on the most current build.

If you are unable to do that or you are on the most recent version, an app database reset is recommended. Please view this article for a more in-depth tutorial.


For any other issues, please Submit a Ticket. Screenshots are always appreciated!

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