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Saving Album Design Sets

If you have created a Spread Layout or even an entire Album Design that you really like, you have the ability to pin layouts and save the design sets for future use!

Pinning Spread Layouts

By clicking the Pin icon, you can instantly save your current spread's design as a layout for quick reference.Screen_Shot_2022-06-27_at_10.59.15_AM.png

Accessing Pinned Layouts

Once you have clicked the Pin icon, you will then want to click on Layouts at the top right. This will take you the the Designs page.Screen_Shot_2022-06-27_at_11.00.37_AM.png

My Designs

On this screen, click on "My Designs". On this page you will choose from any spread layouts you have pinned.Screen_Shot_2022-06-27_at_11.01.50_AM.png

Saving Design Sets

From the Export menu you are given the option to save your entire design as a Design Set.


Once you click Save as Design Set, the save menu will come up. You can choose the name, any applicable tags, and see a preview of the album design and included resources (pngs, backgrounds, etc.). If you need to transfer this design set to another computer, you can Export this Design Set


Using Saved Design Sets

You can find these saved Design Sets under My Designs as shown above but these will also be under Design Sets after selecting Layouts and can be used for Auto Design.



See a quick video tutorial here.


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