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Zoom Troubleshooting

This article outlines general troubleshooting tips for virtual IPS sessions via Zoom as well as specific troubleshooting steps for slideshows that clients are unable to see when sharing your screen via Zoom.

General Troubleshooting

Firewalls and Antivirus

If there is an active firewall or antivirus (such as Malware Bytes) on your computer, please keep in mind that these programs can severely inhibit Fundy from running smoothly and can cause crashing if they are flagging it. We recommend temporarily disabling your antivirus while you're working in Fundy, as well as checking your computer's security settings and adding Fundy Designer to firewall and antivirus safe lists.

Display Settings

If using a 4k or higher monitor, try taking these display settings down to see if that resolves any speed issues. For Mac, go to  > System Preferences > Displays and use a scaled display. For Windows, go to Start  > Settings  > System > Display and decrease the resolution.

Save Location

Fundy Designer may experience a decrease in speed while sharing your screen via Zoom if your project is not saved to your local hard drive. We recommend moving the fsd file to your Desktop that is not backed up to a cloud during virtual IPS sessions. After the IPS session is complete, close Fundy Designer and move the fsd file back to the normal save location. After moving the file, select Open Project from the dashboard after opening Fundy Designer or go to File > Open and then navigate to the new save location.

Image Import and Filmstrip Settings

1. Go to Edit > Image Import Settings and change your settings to 1000px - Best Speed.




2. Go to View >​ Toggle Full Res Filmstrip View.


Accessibility on Mac

If on Mac OS, go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and make sure that Accessibility options are checked for both Fundy Designer and Zoom. This will allow screen sharing.


To see more about sharing screens via Zoom, see this tutorial:

Slideshow Instructions & Troubleshooting

Note: We recommend adding the Zoom application to the firewall safe exceptions list for the computer, Windows users especially.

To share a slideshow:

First, launch Fundy and open up the project. Go to Slideshow > Play Slideshow at the top menu of Fundy Designer. Do not start the slideshow yet.

Next, Start the Zoom call.

In the Zoom window, use the options at the bottom to Join Audio by clicking the headphones icon.

Finally, click Share Screen located in the meeting controls. When prompted to select what you would like to share on your screen, select your paused slideshow.



Important: Be sure to check the boxes for "Share Sound" and "Optimize for video clip" at the bottom of the window as well.

Click "Share" -- Now you're ready to click back over to your slideshow and press the Spacebar to start playing. Your slideshow should now be playing for both you and your client.

Client Cannot See Slideshow

If your client cannot see the slideshow, this is remedied by first opening the client window (i.e. double clicking an image) then sharing the client view window for your Zoom session.

If you do not select the client window then only the main Fundy Designer view will be shared in Designer View with the client and they will not see the second window when it is open during the zoom call. Choosing to share the Client View window specifically should fix this for you.


If you are still running into questions or issues, please reach out to the Support Team via a ticket!


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