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Editing with Perfectly Clear

The Edit tab is accessed exclusively in Filmstrip View and gives the ability to apply one of our ten licensed Perfectly Clear filters to your images.

These are not a change to your image file, so an Export to PSD the images will not reflect the filter applied, as that export pulls your original image file for editing.  The rest of the export options create a .jpg where the filter is applied.

Edit Options

1.  One click retouching options

2.  Because the software creates proxy images during the design process, you may find it necessary to load the full resolution image when editing in the Image Browser.

3.  To raise or lower the strength of each filter, use the slider.

4.  If you have a series of images you'll want to use the same filter with, turn on the "Apply To Next Image" feature.  When you click or arrow on the next image, the filter will. automatically be applied. This will happen until you turn that feature off, but you can change the current filter being used at any time

5. Want to apply the same filter to several images at once? Apply a filter to one image, select Sync, and highlight other images you want the filter applied to!

6. Can't remember what the original looked like?  Clear the filters!  This affects only the current image, not any previously applied.

Video Tutorial

Want to see it in action? Check this out!

Images ©Megan Allen

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