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Transferring projects between computers

How do I transfer my project to another computer?

Since Fundy isn't cloud or web based, all projects are saved locally to your computer or external device as .fsd files. To transfer your project from one computer to another, all you need to do is locate that .fsd file* and original image files on your hard drive, then transfer them using an external drive/USB or transfer service, such as


*Before transferring your files, please make sure the software is closed to ensure all recent changes have been saved*

After you've transferred the files, you can then save them to the hard drive on your other computer. Once the files have been saved locally (make sure they're not backed up to iCloud, as this can cause issues), open up the v10 software and go to File > Open from the top menu to select your .fsd from there. This will open up your project and allow you to begin designing.


We highly recommend re-syncing your images after transferring your project. This will help prevent any exporting (for print, proofer, or PSD) issues. To re-sync, you can go to Images > Re-Sync Images from your top menu, then select the folder your images are saved to and click 'Open' to sync to that folder.

Running Into Issues?

Submit a support ticket with a brief description and any relevant screenshots. One of our support agents will be happy to assist you there.

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