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Adding Custom Text

To add Text to your spread, you'll want to be in Designer View, and use the T icon in the toolbar at the top of your spread.

The text will be placed on the canvas in it's own Drop Zone

Move Text

Move Text

To move the text, click the edge of the orange Drop Zone and drag it to where you want

Custom Text Tools

Custom Text Tools

1.  Change Font:  Select your font from a list of fonts installed on your computer

2.  Rotate Text:  Rotate your text 90 degrees counterclockwise

3.  Layer Order:  Move your text Drop Zone forward or backward

4.  Alignment:  Options for where to align the text box on the canvas

5.  Bold:  Make your text bolded

6.  Italics:  Make your text italicized

7.  Font Size:  Change the size of your font

8.  Color:  Change the color of your text

9.  Pencil:  Where you will type your text, including creating multiple lines of text with the same font size and style.

10.  Delete:  Discard this Drop Zone

What if I want different sizes or fonts on the same image?

What if I want different sizes or fonts on the same image?

As you can see, these lines of text are different in font, size, and color.  I created them using two separate text Drop Zones, but you do have options using an external editor as well.  

The first option would be to open a specific image in your external editor (using the pencil icon in your image toolbar) and add the text there.  Then you would save and update the image.

The other option would be to create a text box and save it as a .jpg, then bring that image file in and place it where you'd like on a page.

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