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Entering Price Settings

Going to Client Orders > Edit Client Product Pricing brings up the menu below. From this menu, you can enter pricing information for Prints, Albums, Cards, Other Products, Wall Collections & Composites, add a Logo or Legal Agreement, and Tax/VAT information.

Multiple labs can be selected if you order through different labs for certain materials. Choose Generic Standard or Metric to enter pricing for products printed through labs not listed in Fundy.

Multiple materials can be chosen as well when selecting print type. The material selected will need to be available from at least one of the labs chosen.

Clicking on a size will drop down the materials available for that size, as well as which lab provides that option. In this case, both Miller's and ProDPI give the option of 8x10 canvases and prints, but only ProDPI has a wood option.

This is also where the price for each size and material option is set. To edit each item individually, click on the price box. For this example, items differ in price based on size and on lab.

Checking the box for which products are active will let the software know which size you want to offer your clients. If the box is empty, that size will not be available during the design process in any material.

A partially filled box indicates that the size has not been made available in every material.  

For example, with the above selections during the design process, one would be able to create an 8x12 Canvas or Loose Print, but when resizing, a Framed Print the 8x12 would not be available.

The price you set initially will default to "Tier 1".  Turning Pricing Tiers ON will give you columns to set tiers two and three.

Album & Book Price Settings

In the Albums & Books tab, add the name and pricing for albums and books you offer. Enter base price, set it to charge by page or photo and add the amount of pages or photos included in the base price. Enter the price per extra and select Add, then Save to store for future use.

Card Price Settings

Under Cards, enter the name and price per card type offered, then Add to the queue and select Save to store.

Other Products Pricing

For other products, enter the name and price to add to the queue and save.

Wall Art Groups

Rename the five available collections and composites here. For example, you may have layouts with three or four images in the Silver Collection, five or six images in the Gold Collection, and seven or eight images in the Platinum Collection. Composites can be saved the same way and go by how many images are in each composite. Multiple layouts can be saved within a collection or composite.

For more on Collections and Composites, click here


Under Tax/VAT, enter the currency and include a tax or VAT rate to be added in the order form.

Using the Calculator to access "Edit Pricing"

Using the Calculator to Edit Pricing

Click on the calculator icon to show pricing for the current room.

Select "Edit Pricing" to open the settings menu.

Video Tutorial

See it in action here!

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