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My Fundy Account Dashboard

My Fundy Dashboard

The My Fundy Dashboard allows you to access your account information, enable/disable your Pro Enhancements subscription, View Design Proof information, and view your Fundy Direct orders!


1. At any time, the Fundy Support Team is a click away. Click here to submit a ticket to the team.Here, you will see what name you're logged in under.

2. Here, you will see the name you are logged in under

3. You will find your Design Proofer Dashboard here. You can see more about that here.

4. To view the information relating to previously placed Fundy Direct Orders, click the Direct Orders button.

5. This is where you will find your account information. 


Account Management

1. This section will display the licenses associated with this account.
**If you don't see licenses here, but you believe you've purchased, make sure you're logged in with the correct email address or contact our support team for assistance.**

2. To enable or disable your Pro Enhancements, use the toggle located here. If you choose to disable your subscription, you'll see the following pop up. This will let you know the last date of your paid period. If you proceed with disabling the service, you will need to resubscribe in order to access your Pro Enhancements again.


3. Click the Reset Password in order to reset your password.

4. You can modify your on-file billing information here as well. This is the default billing information on file for your Direct Orders, specifically.

5. If you typically ship your Direct orders to the same address each time, you can keep your default billing address here.

6. You can change the email address you use to log into your software here.

**Make sure to click update to save any modifications you've made**

If you have another account in the database, you won't be able to use that email again. Contact Support for assistance.


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