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Theater Mode

The new IPS theater mode is designed to help you make bigger sales and design distraction free. It can enable Theater Mode from the view menu or toggled with keyboard shortcut "tab".

View Menu

Under the view menu you can choose to enable Theater Mode in the Design window or the Image Browser window independently. It's also possible to enable Theater Mode in both windows at the same time.

Tab Key

Most users will choose to use the hotkey. You can enable Theater Mode with the "tab" key. This falls in line with our philosophy to emulate similar hotkeys in other popular programs. For a full list of hotkeys, go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts, in Fundy Designer.

As you can see, the display is maximized while non-essential UI elements are hidden and others are minimized. With reduced distractions your design becomes the main focus for your client and allows for an easier IPS process.

Check out the blog post here!

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