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Slow Performance or Crashing (Windows)

To fix slowness or lagging on your Windows computer, try the following: 


1. Make sure your images files and .fsd project file are saved locally to your computer (desktop or documents folder), as saving to an external drive, Dropbox, OneNote or iCloud can cause syncing issues, sometimes resulting in lagging or crashing.


2. If you have an active firewall or antivirus on your computer, please keep in mind that these programs can severely inhibit Fundy from running smoothly and can cause crashing if they are flagging it. We recommend temporarily disabling or uninstalling your antivirus, as well as adding Fundy Designer to your firewall's safe list.


3. Lower your image import settings by going to Edit > Image Import Settings and changing to 1000px - Best Speed.



4. Disable the high-res filmstrip view by going to View >​ Toggle Full Res Filmstrip View. 


5. view > toggle speed vs color corrected, and make sure you're on speed mode


6. Open the software in Admin Mode, making it a super user of your computer. Here are the steps to set up a custom shortcut (pin) to run Fundy Designer in admin mode all the time. 

  • Find Fundy Designer Suite in your computer in your programs folder. 

 find fundy

  • Right-click on the program file and choose Properties


  • Choose to Run in Admin mode from the Advanced Tab.



7. If none of the above resolve the issue, please submit a support ticket to  and our support team will be happy to help you there! 

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